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Russian Elections 2016 Promo Resource  twitter-bootstrap, html5, angularjs, d3.js, javascript

Client wanted to interactive website with responsive design to support the Elections 2016 in Russia.
With team I have built many parts of this site using HTML5, AngularJS and D3.js (angular-nvd3) and with already done design by designers.

OneDoc - Find a doctor, dentist or therapist  webpack, jquery, google-maps-api, twitter-bootstrap, html5, javascript, jade, angular (admin part)

Client wanted the few functional responsive frontend applications for his project.
I have built the doctor-site, client-site, admin-crm (with angular 2).

DuelJS (JavaScript OpenSource Library)  javascript

DuelJS is a fast and small JavaScript helper for master/slave browser tabs actions. Use it for optimize your client-server communication between browser and server and inside browser tabs.
On 21th May 2018 it has 101 stars on github and much more real users, including serious websites. You can test the code quality on codacy and see the downloads stat on npmjs

Ridestore Stylecreator Mobile PWA  javascript, preact, nodejs, express, heroku, fastly, graphql, pwa

The Stylecreator is a unique tool that the Ridestore team are very proud of.
With it our customers can create new styles, experiment different product combinations, and then buy them or share with friends.
The Ridestore team regularly use it for competitions on instagram, where they do giveaways of complete outfits.

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