Dear colleague, Are you looking for somebody who maximum fits the Front-End Lead position in your project?

I hope you said yes. Because, A) it shows me you’re sane, and B) after 10+ years experience in a web development, my brain has learned to be flexible. It means that I got a skill to adapt to most of the projects and teams.

One of my secrets of successful web development is quick understanding the core of the project, active communication with a team, understanding and solving tasks.

In a web development are usually used Trello, Skype, Hangout, Git, Asana, Redmine, Jira, Slack. They help to be well-informed about the process and in communication with a team. That’s why I usually work in such environment!

For the last year, I develop Reliable, Fast, Engaging PWA applications with Preact.

The optimized code makes a high user loyalty and it’s highly readable by programmers. So, sometimes it is better to write down the code manually rather than using standard functions from the libraries. That’s why I like to make it.

Also, it means I like to structure files and folders accordingly with BEM ( standards and in the best match with the business logic of web app.

Moreover, I deliver a high code readability by smart defining of variables and function simplicity.

During developing successful projects I was using:

  • JQuery / MomentJS / Google Maps / Angular + AngularJS / React / Pug (Jade) / Twitter Bootstrap and a lot of other stuff.
  • JavaScript Vanilla / ES6 / ES7 with WebPack and Babel JS processor.
  • CSS, SASS (SCSS), LESS, Stylus.
  • Responsive and fluid HTML for mobile and tablets.
  • Github, Trello and another dev services.
  • GraphQL, REST, RPC, WebSockets.

And the BackEnd skills:

  • Python, Django.
  • JavaScript (NodeJS, Express,
  • MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis.
  • PHP.

Thanks for reading, let’s work together!
Best Regards,